What should I do the day after installing a package?

The day after installing your package, 24 hours later to be exact, check to make sure bees are getting some sugar syrup by looking at the level in the feeder and compare with yesterday. Disturb the bees as little as possible. 

Also, look to make sure bees are clustering in the middle of the box. If they are clustered to one side, try to center the cluster. You can remove some empty frames, and then gently slide the clustering frames to the middle and place the empties back in their place. 

Your hive stack should include, from the ground up, a hive stand or pallet, the bottom board, the hive body box with 10 frames, and the lid. 

Photo from Grandpa Andersen's files. Taken around 1966.

(Source: Beekeeping in Northern Climates, by Furgala, Spivak, & Reuter, p 33)

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