New Garden Bed

New Garden Bed

Today we planted our cool season vegetables in a different planting bed. First we had to protect it from the chickens, who like to take dust baths in this exact spot. Anyway, we will experiment with planting garlic, onions, and peas right next to the house in the former flower bed.

We started with limbs pruned from various trees, which were pruned earlier this week.

Then we stretched chicken wire across, tying it onto the limbs with baling twine. Homemade fence at its finest.

Ain't she sweet? Our garden helper.
Then we planted. We planted garlic bulbs from the kitchen: last year's crop of a friend, and some garlic shoots leftover from an old garlic patch. There's nothing like looking at someone else's soil, eh!

We planted the onion and garlic rows perpendicular to the house rather than parallel. This is a new idea this year (from Sterling Banks, USU Extension in Summit County). I think it will utilize the space better.

The peas were planted parallel to the house in longer rows.

Here is the bed after planting. Beautiful potential.

And Stan says he will move this pile soon. . . Here is the "Before" shot. He says it is all necessary stuff, and I believe him. I think one is a motorized bee colony dolly. There might be a motorcycle under there too. I am not sure.

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