More than just sugar

Honey is more than just sugar. Here's why.

Honey contains 19 different sugars, many of which are produced during honey ripening by bees. Honey also contains water, at least 8 acids (pH 3.2-4.5), minerals (K, Na, Ca, Mg, Fe, Cu, Mn, Ch, P, S, Si), 6 major live enzymes, 19 proteins, amino acids, and 6 vitamins (The Hive and The Honey Bee, 1992). 

When we heat honey, some of these nutrients are destroyed. That is why it is important to buy raw honey.  

When honey crystalizes, the best way we've found to liquify honey is to place the container in a car during a warm afternoon. Avoid heating honey above 100 F to preserve its nutritive value. 

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